Hello there!

The best way I know to tell you who I am is to give you a little snapshot of how I got here and the forces, beliefs, and values behind it all.

Yes, I am an operations queen and business mentor, as well as an artist, writer, speaker, ex-architect, former nonprofit executive director, and travel-loving digital nomad turned expat.

In my architecture career, I focused on sustainable design and projects with a heavy engineering component

The first decade of my career was dedicated to developing the vision and the process to bring a complicated idea to life as an architect, working closely with engineers and project managers on international manufacturing and higher education projects.

After discovering entrepreneurship, the next decade plus has been spent starting, growing, leading, and selling my various businesses and nonprofits, and eventually coaching other business owners through my hard-won lessons.

In 2017 I got the spark of an idea to change things around during an impromptu trip to Guatemala, and by the following year I had sold my possessions and my local businesses, packed a suitcase, and begun a life building an online business while traveling Latin America as a digital nomad.

Since then, I’ve lived in 11 countries (and counting), dedicated myself anew to lifestyle design and finding ways to deliver incredibly valuable services while also pursuing my interests (hello painting!) and passions.

Some resume highlights:

  • I led a global business coaching team developing coaching curriculums and courses.
  • I helped found and then lead a nonprofit bringing innovation and business consulting to small business owners in the wake of the pandemic. We provided more than $1,000,000 in free consulting over 4 virtual national events.
  • I’ve coached hundreds of service business owners privately and within programs to implement simple structures and strategies to scale while focusing on their own freedoms and ideal lifestyle.
  • I started to collaborate in a more hands-on fashion with online coaches who needed someone with my ‘architect brain’ who could streamline and optimize their business operations to grow with more ease, or support their growing clientele.
  • I supported the founding of an artist collective to help establish events and a platform to see women artists earn a living from their creative talent.
  • I accepted a consulting role in operations and leadership development for a small business with 20 locations and a team of 50+, to improve both culture and profitability.
  • I built and trained an extended team of wonderful VAs who help support my clients’ basic operations.
  • I’ve delivered over 4 dozen business trainings, webinars, masterclasses, and learning opportunities for online business owners.
  • I also paid down over 6 figures of personal high-interest debt while traveling and building my new online business from nothing, and financial freedom is equally as important to me as location freedom.

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Beliefs and Values:

  • I believe in the power of a smartly designed and run business to fuel a life of freedom and flexibility. 

  • I believe in investing in support on all fronts, personal and professional, without guilt or judgment, because this journey wasn’t meant to be traveled alone.

  • I believe people thrive when they work in their zone of genius, and when they work with people who ‘get it’ and what they bring to the table. 

  • I believe in growth, in problem-solving, in challenging assumptions, and in finding the easiest and simplest solutions to a problem. 

  • I believe in empowering people to thrive and succeed in their roles and in their life outside of work.

  • I believe travel and experiences outside your familiar bubble offer an invaluable perspective and personal growth

  • I believe things in business are rarely urgent or an emergency, and most of those can also be prevented with good planning. For the rest- you adapt!

  • I value working with people who are passionate about helping others, about making an impact, who value collaboration over competition and who believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

  • I value working with people who also value flexibility, freedom, and abundance.

Let’s connect!

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