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You’ve built a thriving coaching business with top-tier programs and containers, and now it’s time to increase your capacity by bringing support coaching that adds immense value and complements your area of expertise and philosophy.

You want someone to partner with you, who you can trust to have you and your client’s best interest at heart, rather than use your well-earned success as their own springboard and a resume booster while they built their own programs up. Let’s be honest- this happens way too often in our space and that’s not the experience I want you to have or that you deserve!

You’re ready for growth- and it’s time to find the right fit you can trust to make that possible and give you some headspace back to put your time and energy towards bigger things.

Why bring  me  in?

I am the GO-TO co-coach in the business coaching space because I bring 12+ years of expertise in business systems and scaling sustainably, paired with a priority on lifestyle design and prioritizing what matters when making strategic business decisions. And co-coaching is my PRIMARY coaching service! It’s not an afterthought or stepping stone- it’s what I love to do.

I add value to high-end containers by:

  • Guest speaking on podcasts, live streams, webinars
  • Creating training modules and educational materials on a variety of business topics
  • Live hot-seat coaching sessions and personalized coaching and feedback to the members

I have a ton of expertise in the practical aspects of business, from business model and pricing, to systems and automations, to hiring and leading team, to the mindset around making decisions and thriving as a woman in business. I also run my own multi-six-figure business that I’m quite happy with (my fourth I’ve grown successfully), and have helped many others build theirs from brand new to over 7 figures.

Thank you, you’re helping me support my clients on a deeper level. I feel supported in a way I never have with team before – which is letting me sink into my work with clients so much more. I can’t tell you how GOOD that feels!!!

Kim Argetsinger

Keystone Co-Coaching is for you if:

  • You have a growing business coaching container (group program or mastermind) and to grow further (or get your life back!) you need to bring in a support coach
  • You business vision is to continue growing your coaching containers and you’re looking for a reliable, quality long-term partner to support that growth
  • You value freedom, flexibility, creating abundance, a growth mindset, and aren’t fixated on perfectionism or urgency in business. You operate from a place of trust and are willing (slowly and one step at a time!) to trust someone else to care for your clients
  • You’re passionate about the change you create in the world through your business and your impact, and also passionate about other endeavors in your personal life
  • You’re looking for someone who can speak to not just the strategic and practical aspects of running and growing a business, but also the mindset and lifestyle component of thriving as a woman in business in the world
  • You don’t coach to a strict curriculum or ‘signature framework’ that would be impossible for someone else to speak to. Even if you have proprietary methods that you teach, value universal business principles.
  • You’re not looking for someone new and green you can train, you’d rather bring in someone who knows coaching and can hit the ground running


Q: If you’re such a great coach, why aren’t you building your own coaching empire?

A: Though I do still occasionally accept private coaching and consulting clients (and have clients who have been with me for years) I’ve discovered that I find more joy in the ease of collaboration and support roles that best leverage my expertise. I really love speaking and teaching, hot seat coaching and on-the-spot coaching, and creative content review as it gives my active mind a variety of things to respond to.

I liken it to being an aunt versus being a mother- I love being able to drop in, shine in my area of genius, and support in a limited capacity, and then go back to my life. 💁🏻‍♀️

Q: What are your rates for being a support coach?

A: I find it best to set up a monthly retainer that is tailored to your specific needs and coaching container.

Hourly packages start at $100/hour for basic support coaching and rise for topical expertise, creating module content for programs, and taking on ownership of a cohort or group.

I also am open to revenue sharing arrangements with ongoing group programs.