Strategic Horizons Coaching

Transform  Your Tomorrow

Welcome to Your New Chapter

Are you feeling like you’re on the cusp of something great? If you’re a successful woman in business who seeks not only career growth but a profound personal and lifestyle transformation, you’re in the right place.

Imagine having a coach who doesn’t just guide you through business strategies but integrates your deepest desires into a powerful blueprint for abundance and impact. That’s what I offer – a holistic approach that blends strategy, intuition, and a deep understanding of the transitions women face.

Why Choose Me as Your Coach?

You’re ready for a significant change, both personally and professionally.

You’re not looking for narrow, myopic advice; you need holistic support that understands the unspoken, articulates the unsaid, and sharpens your vision and your actions.

Whether you’re pivoting 180 degrees in life or shifting your identity in business and relationships, including with money, I’m here to support you through this transformation.

My Coaching Framework :
Reflection – Expansion – Execution

  1. Reflection: We start where you are, examining limits, boundaries, and beliefs. I’ll be your mirror, helping to reframe and rewrite the narratives that hold you back.   
  2. Expansion: Next, we define your vision with vivid details and powerful imagery, enriching the vocabulary of your dreams and desires.
  3. Execution: Finally, we turn insights into action. Simple, manageable steps that move you towards the future you envision.

Ways we can work  together :

Six-Month Journey

  • Frequency of coaching: 3 calls per month via Zoom
  • Support in your back pocket: Unlimited Voxer messaging, Monday through Friday
  • Best for: Those who have a vision but feel it’s just out of reach. Perfect if you’re ready to challenge yourself personally as you advance professionally.

Intensive Lifestyle Design Day

  • Duration: Half-day, in-person (join me in Mexico?!) or virtual
  • Focus: Using my framework, we’ll deep dive into rewriting limits, clarifying visions, and crafting a straightforward action plan.
  • Best for: Those who struggle to articulate or integrate their life’s desires, or feel stuck in dreaming about what they truly want.

Ready to Explore What’s Possible 

Let’s connect! Book a free discovery call with me. It’s a no-pressure chat where we explore your needs and paint a picture of what’s possible. Together, we can design a life and career that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.