Additional  Services

Consulting, Intensives, VIP Days and More!

I may be an ex-architect, but I’m still not immune to designing a custom service package when it suits us!

I love to support entrepreneurs and changemakers in a variety of ways, depending on my capacity and your vision.

Projects and initiatives I will consider:

  • Private Coaching Intensives and VIP Days. The world is open! And I tend to live in amazing locations, and also enjoy travel- so if you value the same and want to meet at my location or somewhere in the world and work through some strategic business planning or intensive coaching together in person I’m all for it!
  • Consulting for nonprofits, impact-oriented businesses, and creative undertakings. This could include things like strategy, support with business plan writing and operations setup, intensive sessions to work through drafting a proposal and plan, etc.
  • 1:1 Leadership development coaching. For leaders with a growing business who want support developing both themselves as a leader and multiplying that leadership capability to their team to help the entire organization thrive. Combines business strategy with personal leadership, communication, and operations coaching. 
  • One-off guest speaking or teaching appearances. If you’re not a fit for ongoing support from my primary services, but we have great alignment and I can bring value to your event or group, I am open to paid engagements that fit into my schedule, virtually or in person.

Some of the things I’ve said  yes to:

  • Helping found, promote, and then run as Executive Director a new nonprofit to bring business consulting and innovation to small businesses in the wake of the pandemic.
  • Setting up systems and operations for an artists’ collective to support women artists and provide opportunities to emerging Mexican artists through pop-up events and workshops.
  • Interim Director of Operations and then Leadership Development Consultant for a franchise group with 20 locations and a remote/regional team of 50+
  • Social media content strategy for a retail watch brand with a social impact mission
  • Strategic marketing and content advice for a classically trained artist and gallery
  • PR and storytelling content and strategy for a personal creative brand and business
  • In-person intensive in Paris to outline a partnership and affiliate strategy for a product line in online sales
  • Speaking in a Clubhouse series for an innovation incubator and offering on-the-spot consulting