Bring on your trusted right-hand woman ????????‍♀️ as your strategic thought partner, handler of all things team and operations, and allow yourself to step back from the day-to-day of your business knowing it’s running smoothly.

This is my Cornerstone Operations service for visionary and transformational coaches who are ready to shift to their next phase in business and life, and need to fill that instrumental spot in the team to run things and support you in an entirely new way so you can let go of driving everything forward on your own.

With my Cornerstone Operations packages, you not only get me stepping in as a part-time COO to take charge of all things operations, you also gain access to my extended team of vetted and trained VAs to take on any growing administrative or customer service needs. And the best part is you don’t have to hire, train, onboard, or manage them because I’ve already done that!

What  You Get

With Cornerstone Operations, you get to stop:

  • Running team meetings and 1:1s
  • Project managing and following up with team or support to see what got done
  • Doing basic things yourself (like sending email broadcasts or posting content or even engaging on socials!)
  • Working directly in whatever platforms your business is built on to pull reports or set things up for clients
  • Wondering how your offers are doing or how effective your campaigns are
  • Delaying launching new initiatives or major updates because you don’t have the capacity to figure it all out yourself

And you can start:

  • Creating more space to think about what comes next for you and for your business
  • Bouncing ideas off someone who gets it to help determine your next strategy and plan
  • Enjoying having someone else’s eyes on the business to review things so they are at 90+% done and approved before they get to you
  • Allowing someone to look at the behind the scenes of your business and identify systems and process improvements to make that keep your clients happier, makes you more profitable, and make things run like clockwork
  • Take more time off in trust that everything is working, your business keeps growing, and you can truly thrive in the values of flexibility and freedom that were important reasons to start your business in the first place

Why me and Cornerstone Operations?

I’m an ex-architect with 13+ years in the business space, I’ve grown my own businesses to multi-6 figures multiple times, and been behind the scenes of everything from startups to nonprofit Executive Director to $10MM operations with a team of 50+.

I bring my architect brain and strategic thinking to building out the back end of your business, streamlining operations so it runs like a machine (and you’re not having to drive and dictate every tiny action) and building out your business systems and procedures so things happen consistently, easily, efficiently. All this means you are able to grow, scale, and bring on more clients without the stress.

I work hand in hand with you to understand your WHAT and your WHY, and then I take charge of the HOW.

How it works:

I work with a limited number of businesses at a time, and my vision to grow with you and your business long-term, so every collaboration starts out with a discovery call to explore your goals, your business model and current operations, and our fit based on values and general alignment.

If I have an opening, we begin with a business audit so I can take a look at your operations side, systems, platforms, SOPs, current team, project management, communication, #allthethings.

From here I’ll present my findings, and if I believe I am the best candidate to step into operation I’ll propose we begin with a monthly retainer that covers a set allocation of hours for both me and my extended team as needed.

We’ll lay out the strategic plan for where I can be most effective the first 90 days during your onboarding call, and then I jump in and start taking on operations piece by piece, project by project, and with your current team or my extended team or both.

We meet weekly, chat daily if needed via Voxer, and communicate in our own space on basecamp to share updates on projects, launches, and anything behind the scenes.

I just wanted to say thank you so much. I know you and your team are like just working around the clock and I just so appreciate all of it. I cannot even tell you, I have not felt supported like this in many, many years. Thank you, just thank you.

Melissa Kathryn

Cornerstone Operations is for you if:

  • You have a multi-6 figure online coaching or services business and a vision to grow further
  • You’ve had some team in the past even if you’re running lean right now
  • You value freedom, flexibility, creating abundance, a growth mindset, and aren’t fixated on perfectionism or urgency in business. You operate from a place of trust and are willing (slowly and one step at a time!) to trust someone else to help you run your business
  • You’re passionate about the change you create in the world through your business and your impact, and also passionate about other endeavors in your personal life
  • You’re ready to let go of hiring, managing, micromanaging, and to shift to a more CEO role of final signoff or review of things moving in the business
  • You value excellence and expertise and aren’t just looking for the cheapest workforce. I work on a retainer rate that reflects my experience and value, and my extended team is also well paid at USD rates that fulfills their own entrepreneurial and lifestyle goals. You believe a rising tide lifts all boats.


Q: Are you an OBM? What’s the difference?
A: While there are a lot of approaches to online business support from Virtual Assistants (VAs) to Online Business Managers (OBMs) to Project Managers (PMs) I’ve found that fractional COO (part-time Chief Operations Officer) is the best acronym to describe my role and skillset. I operate at the C suite level, and bring a lot of experience and background to be able to make strategic decisions on the operations side and team leadership side of the business.

Many OBMs in the online space started out as VAs and worked their way up to managing other VAs but have never grown or run a multi-6 or 7-figure online business- I have. I actually came into the operations side after starting, growing, running, and in some cases even selling, a thriving business more than half a dozen times. I also have extensive business coaching experience myself and am still called on to support high level coaching containers and speak at events on topics related to business systems, scaling, and hiring and leading a team.

Through the years I’ve discovered operations and strategy is where my architectural background and brain shine and offer the most value, and post-covid I prefer collaborating and partnering with epic people versus forging my own coaching empire. I’m happiest and most effective as your second in command, slightly behind the scenes.

Q: How many clients can you actually work with?
A: My roster usually caps out at 5 businesses at a time, depending on the size, scale, and needs of each owner. I work part-time with each business on a retainer basis, leveraging my hours for strategy, micro-decision making, team leadership, and project management. I leave the execution to my extended team or your existing team, which frees me up for higher level thinking and service.
Depending on how advanced your business is and what operations look like, I may have room for you or potentially on my waitlist for the first opening. Because my vision is long-term partnership with clients that rarely happens but I’m also always looking at creative ways to be of greater service it’s possible!

I also am mentoring others to function at this higher capacity and it’s possible I can refer you to someone if I don’t have a space for you immediately.

Q: Who’s really your extended team? Are you outsourcing to inexpensive offshore talent?

A: My team is primarily US-based women who became VAs, invested in their own education on how to work in this online space, and have a vision to create their own lifestyle and financial freedom. They are all paid a min of $25 USD hourly, most much higher based on their experience and areas of expertise. They are all trained on my systems and any systems we create for your business, and most are corporate escape artists who bring their own skills to the table. Many have worked with me for years and grown with me and our clients.

I’ve invested my time and energy into setting them up for success and proficiency in support of your online business, and both the work and our rates reflect that attention to quality and preparation.

Q: What’s the investment to work with you?

A: At this stage, my business operations retainers begin at $2500 monthly. Most clients pay $4000-$5000/month for a 40-50 hour bank of hours between myself and my extended team to run almost everything that happens behind the scenes every month.

Additional extended team hours are billed on a monthly basis if we need to support a launch, work through some extra projects like a rebrand, or anything else as part of an agreed-upon strategy.