Data Architect

Data Architect Package

This done-for-you package harnesses data to empower you to see exactly what’s working inside your business and where the opportunities lie.

Knowledge is power. And in the world of online business, data is the tool that offers insights and can inform your strategy to create more freedom, more profits, and more impact.

Years of working behind the scenes in businesses have shown me how hard it is for business owners to make decisions when they don’t have data, and how sometimes it sends them in the wrong direction.

I’m talking about missed opportunities, lost revenue, money and time wasted.

But data in the online space feels ‘techy.’ Confusing. Time-consuming to gather and then harder to interpret.

This is where my architect brain and background are uniquely positioned to help you.

The Data Architect package is a one-time done-for-you service to completely harness your individual business data and transform it into visual dashboards and reports that you can easily understand.

What  You Get

With your Data Architect Package, my team and I will:

  • Design the optimal metrics and data to collect based on your individual business model and operation based on an initial strategic consultation
  • Build and install the Google Analytics4 tracking code, links, automations, and the SOPs needed to collect data inside your online business
  • Create reports and visual dashboards representing your online traffic and marketing activities, sales and conversions, client lifescycles, team time allocation, and more that update in real time
  • Show you how to interpret your own data and leverage what’s working best for you into the future

This process can take a few weeks depending on the size and complexity of your business, but once your Data Architect package is complete, you’ll be amazed how much confidence and clarity you’ll have moving ahead.

What sort of questions can the Data Architect package help you answer?

  • I’m paying a VA to engage across a lot of social media platforms and in groups, but I’m not sure it’s actually bringing me clients. Should I keep paying them for engagement or reallocate that budget to some other marketing activity?

    >> With the Data Architect, we can create links, and SOP, and a visual report showing you EXACTLY where clients are coming from, and where they aren’t.

  • I feel like more people should be buying after watching my masterclass, do I need to redo it?

    >> With Data Architect, we’ll build a conversion funnel dashboard and show you conversions every step of the way so you can see exactly where you’re losing people and make small improvements rather than scrapping everything that may not need redoing.

  • Everyone is saying Instagram is dead / Facebook groups are dead / whatever platform isn’t working anymore. Do I need to change my social media and content strategy?

    >> Data Architect reports will show you which platforms are converting FOR YOU, not what anyone else on the internet is experiencing, because it’s different for everyone.

  • I feel like some of my team is spending a lot of time on things that aren’t bringing me a ROI. How do I know if I’m losing money on certain activities?

    >> A custom report offered inside the Data Architect package is a specialized team time tracking and reporting build, that can be set up per client or per area of business to see where you need more efficiency and what tasks or projects are costing you the most in terms of payroll.

  • I have no idea how long my average client stays a subscriber or when I should implement a reengagement campaign or effort to improve retention.

    >> We can build a client lifecycle report that shows at which point in the customer lifecycle you experience a drop off, so you can implement a new retention strategy at exactly the right time.

Who is the Data Architect package ideal for?

The Data Architect package is ideal for a multi-6 figure business or one with aspirations to grow to mutli-six/seven figures the most efficient and intelligent way possible by leveraging data.

It’s ideal for you if you rely on content marketing across a variety of online platforms to support and grow your business.

It’s ideal for a business who has a few lead magnets or funnels, various ways people enter your business online. 

It’s ideal for coaches with tiers of services or online service providers with teams who are looking to scale by working smarter not harder. 

It’s ideal for someone determined to make a big impact but feeling a lack of confidence in knowing what’s working in the business because you’ve tried a variety of things over the years and just somehow made it work, but when it comes to strategy you feel like you’re guessing, leaning on the gurus or what you hear is working for others, or pure intuition and luck as you decide your next steps.

It’s ideal for someone who had basic google analytics before (universal analytics code) but has heard that it’s being retired in July of 2023 and has no idea how to switch over to the new GA4 code or what that means for the old reports you’re used to using.


I just wanted to say thank you so much. I never felt confident in knowing my numbers or what was really happening inside my business or with my funnels, and the simplicity of looking at the funnel dashboard and seeing just how many people are converting from my masterclass or what’s truly working has made it so easy to ground into my decisions and know exactly where to focus my energy.

Tracy C

How it works:

I work with a limited number of businesses at a time, as everything my team and I do to support you is customized to your business. 

We start with an initial inquiry call to discuss your business, the nuances of how people, money, and information flow in your operations, and what data would serve you best. I have a process that guides us through this discussion.

If the Data Architect Package is right for you, I’ll invite you to make an initial deposit and we’ll set a date for our first Data Strategy call to map out and design everything we want to measure for you.

After onboarding and a short audit of the back end of your business and platforms, my team and I will get to work over the coming few weeks to set up your tracking codes and links, install everything where it needs to go, update or create SOPs, and start to build and design the automations, dashboards, and reports so we can transform your data into easy to understand visuals for you.

Once everything is set up we’ll meet again to walk you through your dashboards and how to interpret your business data so you have the confidence and clarity to make decisions moving forward.


Why me and my team?

I’ve spent more than 12 years behind the scenes of businesses from $0 – multiple millions in revenue,  and one core area of business I consistently see gaps is in good data and reporting systems.

When you don’t have good metrics or data, you’re left making decisions blindly, based on feelings or general advice that may or may not be right for your business. 

Data can be tedious, techy, confusing, or messy if you don’t know how to collect it cleanly or intepret it easily- so you could set this all up on your own, or you could leverage a team that already speaks and understands data as the major shortcut to getting the information you need out of your business.



Q: How many clients can you actually work with?

A: I can only work with 1-2 Data Architect Package clients every quarter, depending on the size and scale of your online business. So if it’s even remotely interesting to you I suggest we talk soon so we can slot you  into the next available opening. It’s pretty typical to take 4-6 weeks to design, install, and build the reports and dashboards you need. 

Q: Who’s really your extended team? Are you outsourcing to inexpensive offshore talent?

A: My team is primarily US-based women who became VAs, invested in their own education on how to work in this online space, and have a vision to create their own lifestyle and financial freedom. They are all paid a min of $25 USD hourly, most much higher based on their experience and areas of expertise. They are all trained on my systems and any systems we create for your business, and most are corporate escape artists who bring their own skills to the table. Many have worked with me for years and grown with me and our clients.

I’ve invested my time and energy into setting them up for success and proficiency in support of your online business, and both the work and our rates reflect that attention to quality and preparation.

Q: What’s the investment for a Data Architect Package?

A: Data Architect Packages range from $5,000-9,000, depending on the size and complexity of your online business and the variety of data and reports we need to build. The deposit is $2,000 and payment installment plans are available.

We’ll determine the full scope and size of package on your initial inquiry call, and any changes to scope needed once we actually get behind the scenes will be discussed and approved should there be additional projects or reports you’d like us to build while we’re working on your data.